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SAVA Vision

"Be the choice. Be the leader. Because life is too big to play small."

At SAVA we perceive the perfect vision (20:20) to be attained by the year 2020 by whence SAVA aims to be 'the choice' as in -

  • Brand of choice for flagship products at least 20% of product portfolio
  • Employer of choice listing in Fortune 500 companies
  • Principal of choice for stake holders - Shareholders / Investors / Vendors

By being 'the choice' we hope to be 'the leader' and achieve -

  • Position in top 100 global generic life sciences company by profitable new business ventures from both qualitative and quantitative terms by 2020
  • Significant business (60% of business revenues) in prescription products with a strong presence in emerging markets


Innovate. Improve. Inflate.
Our mission is our obligation. We have a responsibility to stand in true to 'SAVA''. And we realize that to establish SAVA in every life and make it "feel good" every new rise, means that we need to resolve and pledge ourselves to forever persevere to achieve the three 'I''s that give our mission it's name Mission i3 -

Innovate - to emerge as a key research-based organization
Improve - the quality of well-being in general of the society
Inflate - as a major transnational player.


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