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Event Updates

SAVA spreads OEM arm !

The Indian Contract Research and Manufacturing Services (CRAMS) market is hovering on the brink of exponential growth. The current global pharmaceutical outsourcing business is estimated at $67 billion of which the market share of the Indian Contract Research and Manufacturing Services (CRAMS) market is at around $ 3.8billion and is expected to grow at a CAGR of 41.4% with custom manufacturing leading the pack. India has always been the preferred global outsourcing hub.

The SAVA group constitutes independent and well-established entities in manufacturing, marketing, retail and distribution to cover the entire value-chain in pharmaceuticals. This along with strategically prominent marketing nodes the world over, gives SAVA, the edge to be self-sustained in effectively delivering a vast range of products across various geographies.

It is the vision of Sava to provide integrated drug development, research and manufacturing services so as to emerge as a single stop shop for all the medical needs of multinational pharmaceutical giants. The mission is to establish a long term research driven knowledge partnership and a leading customer driven scientific innovation franchise under its novel business arm 'Ingenius'. Ingenious paves the way to SAVA's indigenously genius inhabitant scientists get together on a common platform and provide unparalleled generation- next innovations drive to establish Sava's leadership through craftsmanship in drug research and custom manufacturing.

The contract manufacturing market valued at $2.3 billion dominates the Indian CRAMS business capturing 60 percent of the market in India. In this space, SAVA CMO Ingenius business arm offers a comprehensive contract manufacturing services from product development to bulk production including process development and optimization, process scale up and validation, Multi kilo pilot plant production and Bulk production.

SAVA's Generic manufacturing plant located in Surendranagar near Ahmedabad in India, helps SAVA attain its magnanimous capability of "curative power" by producing over 500 products in what stands as one of the widest range of therapeutic categories in India. Biodeal is WHO GMP certified manufacturer of various dosage forms. The plant possesses the highest capacity manufacturing line for liquid dosage forms. The plant is designed to manufacture oral solid dosage forms like tablets, capsules and liquid orals under various therapeutic categories. The plant follows an integrated quality system meeting the customer and regulatory requirements to ensure safety and efficacy of the products. Regulatory accreditations include WHO-GMP, NAFDAC (Nigeria), NDA (Uganda), PPB(Kenya), MCAZ(Zimbabwe), MOH (D.R.Congo), Paho (USA), MOH (Yemen). With technology experience of over 3 decades, Biodeal laboratories are today the leading manufacturer of nasal sprays, tablets, general capsules, syrups, suspension, ointment, cream, gel and dry powder inhalers. The heritage of SAVA stands tall on the nasal spray device and technology. The first nasal spray that was introduced in India originated from a SAVA group company. One of Sava's recent advances in the respiratory category is the Savahaler, an advanced dry powder inhaler with a breath activated DPI and a reusable device. The Savahaler is designed to deliver metered dosages from a capsule. Savahaler has been designed with a focus on convenience of use.

SAVA stands proud on its world-class infrastructure and cutting edge technology to achieve all its manufacturing excellence. High Performance Liquid Chromatography, Fourier transforms, Infra-red spectrophotometer, Ultraviolet-visible spectrophotometer and Gas Chromatography are some among the full proof infrastructure support systems deployed by the SAVA in the manufacture of advanced finished formulations.

Sava has earned a recognition as a leading third party contract manufacturer for various national and multinational houses such as Abbott, Diachi-Sankyo Ranbaxy, Dr Reddy's labs to name a few.

Our multi locational manufacturing facilities delivering large volumes of pharmaceutical dosage forms cater the growing needs of the market.

In general wellness and preventive healthcare , another group company of Sava, SAVESTA herbals, is committed to developing and bringing the most potent line of herbal supplements, bulk extracts and Bio actives that combine the ancient wisdom of Ayurveda with advanced phyto–technology harvestation methods to create optimal health and well-being of the general population. Currently Savesta manufactures these standardized herbal extracts in state of the art ultra modern nutraceutical unit which strictly adheres to GMP and is certified by KOSHER and HALAL. Our ultra modern manufacturing facilities have an installed capacity to manufacture 170 metric tons of herbal extract per annum.

These manufacturing facilities are accredited by WHO GMP.

Animal health care in the recent times has emerged as one of the key focus areas for Sava, where we are engaged in the formulation of the unique competitive product range to meet the unmet needs of animal pet- care market, most particularly ticks and fleas products which is global 40billion dollar market. The modern manufacturing facilities equipped with high end machines like DGS-350 and features like system utility optimization, dedicated air handling units for process rooms and built in automation systems deliver large volume of finished products with unmatched quality.

Further, the Indian contract research market is estimated to be $1.5 billion. Estimates say that about 20 percent of spending in R&D is outsourced to India to cut costs. To leverage on its research strengths and develop global technology partnership platforms, Sava has developed a state- of-the- art Research and development center at Pune. At SAVA, we believe that Research and Development are the DNA and the backbone of the pharmaceutical Industry. Reckoning this as a fundamental, innovation and continuous development, form the hallmark of our R&D center. The fully equipped R&D facility with ultra-modern equipment and a team of highly qualified and experienced scientists provide SAVA an edge, to develop superlative quality products with enviable economy. The Ingenius research business unit remains focused on innovation and continuous improvement in new drug delivery system [NDDS], development of Novel Biological Entities (NBE's) and other niche products or biomarkers, the development of bioactives, bioequivalent studies of existing formulation, quantitative and qualitative evaluation of proprietary dosage forms, providing innovative and significant therapeutic benefits over the existing therapy. Sava's R&D facility is equipped to engage a wide variety of dosage forms in its research and development agenda with solid oral dosage forms like tablets, capsules, powder, suppositories , semisolid dosage forms like ointment, creams, gel, paste ,Liquid dosage forms like syrups, oral solutions, lotions, oral suspensions ,Injectable dosage forms like solutions, lyophilized products, suspensions, powder for reconstitutions, liposomal injections , Ophthalmic dosage forms like eye drops, suspensions, emulsions ,Miscellaneous dosage forms like nasal drug delivery, Aerosols, dry powder inhalers, shampoo along with Veterinary formulations such as Spot-on, tablets, pastes etc.

Reliable and reproducible analytical methods are essential to both the pharmaceutical development process and the evaluation of drug product to meet the standard of potency, purity and stability. The Analytical team at the Sava Ingenius Centre is integrated with pre formulation, product development and quality assurance teams to ensure effective and accelerated product development. Sava stands proud on its experience in developing methods for highly complex and unstable drug products that complements the formulation capabilities. At Sava Ingenius OEM business arm, both research and manufacturing is a science applied through simple thought or an idea and made robust with technology and system driven process application. Our logical, data-driven approach to formulation development provides with more efficient, straightforward process for manufacturing the compound and gives the compound the best chance at success. The focus on analytical excellence leads to the development of methods that are robust and easily transferable. Our entire operations are carried out through validation processes and strong internal controls meticulously monitoring quality at every level, the result is a high quality innovative product with equally satiable value proposition to market.

After all, Sava is philosophy of good health and a good life, both of which is accomplished by Ingenious, its OEM business arm harnessing knowledge as its edge, sustainability in its growth and trust and responsiveness as the true competitive advantage !


16th June 2012:

Sava revitalizes its mission India with ‘Regalia’!

Life is a journey of experiences which are expressions of happiness, well-being, joy or sorrow. A happy enjoying Life is at an abysmal state when happy beginnings sometimes result into tumultuous outbreaks of melancholy and menace. ‘Regalia’ is the rendezvous of Sava with such appalling critical times that Life goes through unexpectedly.

After a successful beginning with general healthcare mission wherein Sava introduced more than 60 SKU products in various therapeutic categories within a short span of nine months all over India, Sava launches it’s yet another offering for its beloved medical fraternity through hospital care specialty division named Regalia! This initiative strengthens Sava’s presence across India in both acute critically ill and chronic lifestyle disease conditions, thereby taking forward its core philosophy ‘Life...beyond care!’

A dynamic, committed & youthful talent pool of over 500 SAVAians in sales & marketing are presently driving Sava’s marketing league in the domestic market covering about 100,000 doctors and 50,000 pharmacies pan-India with an aim to achieve the top 10 leadership position by year 2020. In its ‘Regalia’ initiative, Sava shall cater to the niche marketing drive with super specialty coverage of hospital ICU’s, wards and hospital pharmacies offering its superlative quality specialty medicines at a virtuoso economy. Regalia shall bring to the medical fraternity highly specialized products such as SAVABIG (Hepatitis Immunoglobulin B), SAVACAP ( Caspofungin), Sava CMS(Colistimethanate), Savador(Doripenem) etc to name a few.

Regalia shall transcend the radiance of Sava’s magnanimous curative power, establishing its supremacy over all the products and other competing brands in the offering and creating a mellifluous brand power with ‘end to end customer service’ franchise living true to its operating identity ‘reign over Life’.Regalia further invigorates Sava’s Mission India motto of ‘a healthy nation within a healthy world’ !


13th June 2012:

SAVA salutes the Blood Warriors!

Every life is precious. One life saved and lived out of menace is one proud moment that keeps one blood line flowing but showers abundant joy and happy times to smile for many in this world . Sava supports to this noble cause of care for life through various inbound and outbound human welfare activities.

Sava salutes the blood warriors who are on the threshold of life and heaven. Blood donation camp is one such endeavor of Sava group to save the precious lives of the destined in the emergency or calamity and create a healthier and happier society. The blood reservoir from SAVA Bank shall hopefully bestow blessings of life to the deprived and the needy.

For enlivening this core ideology, Biodeal laboratories Pvt. Ltd, a SAVA group company organized blood donation camp in Surendranagar, Gujarat on 12th June 2012. A large number of SAVAians including Director Mr. Vishal Jadhav enthusiastically participated and donated blood in this camp .The camp was highly successful event and was organized under the supervision of doctors from C.U. Shah Medical College Surendranagar, Gujarat India.

Every SAVAian cherished this proud feeling of the lifetime with magnanimity and austerity. After all, SAVA is embodiment of this feeling of goodness and a feeling of pride that it brings to the society.

SAVA salutes the Blood Warriors!


5th June 2012:

Sava implants Plantation Remedy against global warming!

Global warming has emerged as a sign of devastation of environment and various natural reserves, thereby ushering roads of danger in the health ,safety , lifestyle and thus healthy peaceful life of mankind. Identifying the gravity of this concern over human welfare, Sava had adopted various measures in its EHASP (Environmental, Health And Safety Programs). Tree plantation is one such endeavour of SAVA core ideology to care for life in its fight against this global cause.

Trees make Life more pleasant, serene, peaceful, restful and tranquil. The stature, strength, and endurance of trees and their potential for long life make them living memorials. We many a times tend to become personally attached to trees that we or those we love have planted. Trees alter the environment in which we live by moderating climate, improving air quality, conserving water, and harboring wildlife and make environment friendly for the mankind.Besides Trees also help in bringing climatic control by moderating the effects of sun, wind, and rain. Humankind find shelter in the shadow of trees.

Harnessing the underpined importance of Trees in creating Greenhouse effect and thereby human welfare, Biodeal laboratories Pvt Ltd, SAVA Group Company took the initiative to create awareness of its fight with this rising nature’s alarm by organizing tree plantation program in its facility premises , This event was gracedon the occasion of World Environment Day on June5, 2012 at Surendranagar, Gujarat India.

By planting trees on this day giving life to many trees ,Sava has shown the light to the world to return to a more natural, less artificial environment !!

Sava implants Plantation Remedy against global warming!


27th October 2011:

SAVA HEALTHCARE LIMITED participated in CPhI Worldwide, Frankfurt 2011

CPhI Worldwide, the world’s leading pharmaceutical networking event with 28,500 attendees from 140 countries and over 1,900 exhibitors was held at Messe,Frankfurt,Germany from 25th to 27th October 2011.

SAVA HEALTHCARE LIMITED participated in CPhI Worldwide, Frankfurt with a uniquely crafted stall with a focused display of respiratory products. SAVA HEALTHCARE also displayed a new product- SAVAHALER, a uniquely designed breath activated dry powder inhaler device delivering metered doses from a capsule.

CPhI Worldwide  CPhI Worldwide  CPhI Worldwide


17th Feb 2011:

SAVA HEALTHCARE LIMITED exhibits in "Brand India" Exposition, Conference & BSM held in Yangon, Myanmar during 17th - 19th February 2011 organized by Pharmexcil India. SAVA has its own heritage in this market by way of registered products.

Pharmaceuticals Export Promotion Council – Pharmexcil ( has been Set up by Ministry of Commerce & Industry, Govt. of India for facilitating exports from India.


Arab Health Exhibition

24th Jan 2011:

SAVA HEALTHCARE LTD participated in Arab Health Exhibition held in Dubai (UAE) between 24th Jan 2011 to 27th Jan 2011.

The Arab Health Exhibition & Congress is the largest healthcare exhibition in the Middle East, and the second largest in the world. Now in its 36th year, Arab health provides an unrivalled platform for the world’s leading manufacturers, wholesalers and distributors to meet the medical and scientific community from the Middle East and beyond.


20th Oct 2010:

Sava Group acquires Biodeal Laboratories Pvt. Ltd, a contract manufacturing company based at Surendranagar, Gujarat, India. The deal involves 100% acquisition of shares from all existing shareholders.

Biodeal Laboratories Pvt.Ltd. was established in 1989 to manufacture various dosage forms like tablets, capsules, oral liquids, Ointments/creams, Nasal Sprays and Dry Powder Inhalers.

Biodeal is an independent State- of- the- art -manufacturing unit built on WHO GMP guidelines having modern & sophisticated manufacturing facilities of international standards.

These include ultra-modern plant, machineries, equipment & documents as per cGMP norms. Biodeal has been in the frontiers of Indian pharma manufacturing sector for last 20 years.


5th Oct 2010:

SAVA HEALTHCARE LIMITED signs letter of intent (LoI) with JBSEZ (Special economic zone), Panoli (Gujarat, India) for setting up 100% export oriented formulation unit complying with US FDA cGMP guidelines.

SAVA HEALTHCARE plans to manufacture various dosage forms focusing on respiratory range of products.

JB SEZ ( is a state-of-the-art, notified Pharmaceutical Special Economic Zone being developed at Panoli, Gujarat. Spread over 312 Acres, the area has small, medium and large parcels of land as well as premium manufacturing units strategically located amidst fine landscaping and modern amenities. The SEZ enjoys the advantage of being in the midst of a fully developed Pharma and Chemical Industrial zone, thus having easy accessibility of skilled labor force and adequate raw-material supply.


24th Sep 2010:

A group company of Sava global, Anagha Pharma Private Limited receives best export performance awards from Pharmaceuticals Export Promotion Council (PHARMEXCIL). This award was given for best export performance in Merchant Exporter Category for the year 2009-10.

Pharmaceuticals Export Promotion Council – Pharmexcil ( has been Set up by Ministry of Commerce & Industry, Govt. of India for facilitating exports from India.




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